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Playful colours, high calibre fabric, intricately detailed embroidery and perfect stitching are few ways to precisely describe Sakhi. From its inception, Sakhi’s adventurous journey has been an inspiring medley of passion, creativity, hard work, and of course, a lot of fun. Sophia Abraham founded Sakhi in 2017, desiring to make clothes that reflect the uniqueness and celebrate the vitality of a woman’s life. Sakhi translates to mean ‘a friend’ or ‘companion’. True to this meaning, Sakhi’s collections boast of soulful and standout clothing lines that infallibly complement the fierce yet kind spirit of the modern woman.
Find your perfect match among any of our fabulous ready-mades or, get in touch with us to actualise the bespoke attire of your dreams! Unsure where to begin? Make an appointment with us and, we will help you with everything from the choice of colours to fabric and style. We believe in the joys of abundance and, so you will be delighted to choose from the cornucopia of colours, textiles, and designs that we have to offer.
At Sakhi, you will find sublime and serene costumes created with enchanting styles, exquisite fabrics and elegant embroidery masterfully detailed by dexterous artisans. Our master tailors sew life and beauty onto each fabric with their precise stitching and expertise. Behind all our products lay a meticulous design process that sometimes involves weeks of hard work. Be it a timelessly classic masterpiece or an ensemble of opulent grandeur or casual attire- each of our apparel is a phenomenon designed to be in harmony with the wearer, elevating them. So be assured that no matter your choice of style, at Sakhi, you will find your desires pleasantly gratified. You can shop at our website or visit our spacious showroom located at the heart of Cochi over an area of 2600 sq. ft. We hope you will choose to embark on this colourful journey with us and find your forever fashion friend in Sakhi!
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Sophia began her professional career as a civil engineer before she set up Sakhi in 2017. Though fashion was always her first love, she pursued the corporate line of work for six years until her personal experience made her realise how fashion has become soulless and indistinguishable. She longed to entwine life into the textiles, transforming them into the true expression of one’s inner self and the incarnation of dreams inside. Sakhi thus became the embodiment of her entrepreneurial vision and the blazing passion within. Diving into the formidable world of fashion without a formal background made her journey at times an uphill and uncertain one. However, she persevered with the discipline and managerial skills her corporate experience had given her.
Sophia intends Sakhi to be an arena of colours and creativity where sophistication and elegance replace the mundanity of fast fashion. To ensure this, she actively participates in every element of Sakhi including, fabric selection, procurement and design. Her attention to detail and customer-centric approach has enabled Sakhi to flourish and expand into a consistent fashion choice for her customers. Under her helm, her team strives to make fashion to be more than just a piece of clothing but a provenance of warmth, joy and fulfilment.
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